Your care is personalized, holistic, and evidence-based, employing a multidisciplinary approach.

Assessment and Tests

During your consultation we may need to arrange different tests;


Appointment Information

Consultation Fees:

Consultation and Surgical Fees are in line with the scheduled list of fees as set out by the Australian Medical Association.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, please let our team know. 


What to bring to the first appointment?

  • Referral
  • Any recent bloods tests
  • Urine or stool tests
  • Any imaging tests (including reports, CDs or copies of the films)

Leading up to the consultation, you may wonder about certain aspects of your condition. It is often worthwhile writing these questions down and bringing them along to your consultation.

If you would like a second opinion, we can arrange this in our consulting suites, or if you prefer a second opinion off-site, this also can be arranged.


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